Friday, March 18, 2011


It's always important to be well familiar with various designers especially shoe designers! Gianmarco Lorenzi has been designing sexy,feminine, and elegant shoes for the last 30 years! Gianni Renzi has been designing shoes since the age of 5 with the help of his family he is able to produce some of the sexiest stilletos. The Gianmarco Lorenzi brand "interpret and passionately express the spirit of the times, and are aimed at a woman who is aware and sure of her own charms and conscious of the dictates of fashion"! You might recognize them from Beyonce's video "Why Dont You Love Me" as well as on the Queen Bee on a regular, Victoria Beckham, and Nicki Minaj @ her 26th Bday celebration at Tao! The Lime Green/Crystal double platform pump is my favorite! I advise ONLY DIVAS check this exclusive italian designer shoes sold exclusively at Gregory's. They will upgrade any outfit you rock!

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