Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mr. West is in the BUILDING

I loved everything about Kanye West Dw collection...from the Guiseppe Zanotti custom heels to the unique designs and fabric to the fur stole! Kanye is an ICON and it shows in his collection! He never disappoints...and is ALWAYS ON POINT!!!


  1. 1st & 3rd pic dope, seeing a lot of fur trends this Winter in stores. Congrats Mr. West, impressive work since the fashion world never got to see his other line Pastelle, this DW collection tribute to his late mother will suffice.
    Dope blog

  2. Yeezy did it on 'em, word dude shut it down Paris fashion week, seen live footage, I know u dig all the styles huh, shortie Chanel the model rockin'